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Each time a customer asks us set of questions, we're sure there's going to be one question which nobody would have asked us earlier. Sometimes we wonder if our standard set of 'questions & answers' seem inadequate. However, please read what we've compiled below. In case you have a question that hasn't been answered, please email us or call us and we'll happily respond to you.
Who is Kope Initiatives?
Kope Initiatives is a company promoting ecological and earth-friendly promotional textile articles in custom sizes, styles and imprints to cater to a large base of promotions. Please read more about us in the 'about us' section. Meanwhile, here are a set of frequently asked questions which most folks ask us.
Can I ask for a sample? Is it really free?
Yes. There is no charge for previously printed / non-printed samples and sending them to you would be a pleasure; but we do have to ask you to bear the cost of sending the sample to you. This is easily done by giving us your account number with FedEx, UPS or any international courier company.
It has to be this way because we get hundreds of requests for free samples every day and we can't afford to send every one what they want, much as we'd like to. People who are willing to pay for the shipping aren't the ones looking for just a free bag.
Can I have a full sample set?
For those who are interested in doing business with us, we offer a representative sample set of 20 styles of your choice. This costs just $ 150.
Do you do small runs?
Of course! There are no problems doing as few as 50 bags and our turn around time is also very quick. We are happy to do even smaller quantities, but for anything less than 50 the shipping costs become unviable.
What currency are these prices in?
These prices are in US$. They could change at short notice. When you inquire with us, we will send you an exact quote with shipping and printing.
What do these prices include? Are there any hidden charges?
These are ex-factory prices and do not include shipping and printing. Read on for more on this. Once we know the design you want, the number of colors you require and the destination you want the bags shipped to, we will be happy to send you an exact quote. To be accurate in our quote we would also need to know the quantity you want.
I'd like my company name/logo/message printed. What does that cost?
Not much really! There is a small one time setup cost of $ 40.00 per design, after which the charge is just 8 cents per color / impression for small runs up to 500 bags. This goes down to 4 cents per color for quantities of more than 25,000 bags.
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