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We work and experiment with new designs every now and then. It is important for us to keep our creativity flowing; to have develop new designs while working in close coordination with our customers who demand the best; and quick. Sometimes we come up with new designs every week and it is difficult to upload these new styles each time we make one. So here's an effort to inform you of the latest happenings at Kope Initiatives.
What’s new at kope
19-September-2012 -- We have begun working on an order of 100% natural organic cotton polo pique t-shirts with custom imprint, custom labeling, custom packaging and custom styling. It is challenging to work with designers! Oh we love you for this!

16-September-2012 -- Custom designed 100% natural organic cotton t-shirts in 5 different shades are developed for a customer. We are offering custom imprints and custom size distribution on very small quantities. This is what leaves our competition behind.

16-June-2012 -- An owner of a small business in USA had us design a tote which she could giveaway to her customers. The tote was made from a natural fibered fabric, and was custom imprinted for her. We made just 100 bags; and she was delighted with what she received.

29-May-2012 -- A French company asked us to design them an economical tote bag made from certified organic cotton fabric. We got the fabric made to specification, and custom sized it to suit the customer's requirements. Imprinted on both sides, the bag looks appealing. We added additional trims at the seams and extra sewing at the handles for strength. A truly economical organic bag!

3-May-2012 -- An American company which is about to launch it's own line of branded clothing, wishes us to make them a range of organic cotton knit wear. Halleluhah! A breakthrough for Kope Initiatives!

24-April-2012 -- Our in-house designed developed a few bags from a combination of leather and canvas. We've uploaded them under the section of 'leather cotton bags' Do take a look to see if you like them. We wish to offer such high value bags to customers based on their designs.

02-April-2012 -- We worked with a Scandinavian company to develop a limited range of cotton t-shirts packaged and ready to use by this mail order company. The highlight was the ecological and individual packaging solutions we offered. Our strength lies in offering solutions to our customers' needs.

19-March-2012 -- A graphic designer from UK requested us to develop bags and t-shirts on special fabrics with complex prints on them. Each style needed a special type of print and detailed sewing. These were limited editions and we made them happily.
We develop new custom
products each time a
client asks us for
something new .